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A haven of peace in the Hérault

Hidden between the cliffs of La Séranne, the Gorges of la Vis and of the Hérault, the « Vallée de la Buèges » is quite a discreet place in the hinterland. It is filled with marvellous landscapes and with remarkable villages.
Isolated and very much endearing, this valley is a jewel for the passionates of nature, of serenity and of hikes. Its reliefs and its environment are the perfect place to shelter different species of raptors, such as the sparrowhawk.

Saint Jean de Bueges

Pégairolles de Buèges

The village of Pégairolles de Buèges is located more to the south of the valley. Its on its territory, in the Méjanel, that you can find the source of the Buèges, which gives birth to the right tributary of the Hérault river.
This village, smaller than its neighbouring one, is also a step for the hikers who roam the valley and the Séranne.

pegaroilles de bueges

Saint Jean de Buèges

Saint Jean de Buèges, which is the administrative center of the valley, is a village that has developped all around the Buèges river, in the shade of the « Roc de Tras Castel ». At his heart is a feodal castle that has been built in the XIIth century. Authentic village, it offers shade and a most appreciated break to the hikers.
Situated at the center of the valley, the village is surounded by landscapes of guarrigues and of vineyards, which are exploited by the inhabitants. 

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