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The main mission of the Tourist office Cévennes Méditerranée, our resident experts advise and guide visitors, residents or travellers from all over the world.  They provide committed advice and offer an experience that is perfectly adapted to the expectations of the Tourist Office's clients. 

Residence advisors promote the Destination by offering offers to local or resident visitors all year round, they are attentive and advise according to the desires, needs and expectations of their interlocutors.

Collect & information Managing

The Tourist Office collects, captures and disseminates tourist data for the Destination Cévennes Méditerranée using the departmental database, which includes all the tourist offers in the Hérault.

The quality of the data is a priority in the information to be transmitted to visitors, the Tourist Office being anchored in its territory, is the official representative, guarantor of the information, with regard to the visitors who request our expertise.


Communicate & promote

Enhancing and developing the tourist image, notoriety and attractiveness of the Cévennes Méditerranée Destination is a regalian mission of the Tourist Office. It designs and implements promotional and communication actions/tools/materials, communicating around the assets of the Destination and supporting its partners, to attract, convince and increase tourism consumption in the region.

Coordination of Tourism actors

The Cévennes Méditerranée Tourist Office supports, creates links, networks, advises and promotes tourism development by welcoming project leaders.  The objective is to unite the actors around the identity of the territory, to qualify the Destination offer, to make visible and animate a network of professionals around common values creating synergy and cohesion around the Destination.

SADI Coordination


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Tourist office
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