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Sweet Onion of the Cévennes : 

Sweet, also sugary and juicy, it is the only onion that does not need any anti-germinative treatment to keep. Cultivated via terrace farming, it reflects a traditional savoir-faire that is nowadays continued thanks to 120 producers.
It can be savoured raw or cooked, and all year long in the form of processed products.
The sweet onion of the Cévennes received the « Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée » (AOC) in 2003, followed by the Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) in 2008. Nowadays, the sweet Onion of the Cévennes is part of the national network of the « Sites Remarquables du Goût ».

Sophie Fromagie du Pommaret

AOP Languedoc

In the scrublands, the vineyard, vast amphitheater overlooking the Mediterranean, exists thanks to the Greeks and the Estruscans that planted the first vines six centuries before the birth of Christ. Thereafter, the Romans will continue this work. Nowadays, the ‘Coteaux du Languedoc’ (AOC) and the ‘Terrasses du Larzac’ (AOC) shine, with the Cartagène and the wines of the pays d’Oc.

Discover the numerous vineyards that open their doors for you to visit the vineyards of Cévennes Méditerranée.


The Pélardon of the Cévennes

Fresh, soft or dry, the pélardon is made from goat’s unpasteurized milk in which rennet has been added after the milking, and in which whey of the day before is sowed. Once the milk is curdled, it is moulded using a ladle in cheese strainers. Then the cheese is turned over, salted, removed from the mould by hand on grids, then matured in cellars in which noble moulds have been sown,. Those moulds are what gives it all its savour.

It is also protected by its « Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée » and its Protected Denomination of Origin, which makes it the emblematic cheese of the Cévennes.

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