Grotte des demoiselles

The underground cathedral

Located on the heights of Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois, the « Grotte des Demoiselles » abounds of enormous stalagmites and stalactites, as well as of flows of calcites, of columns and of translucent drapery. Fascinating for many reasons and admired by potholers coming from the entire world, the cave is considered to be an underground cathedral.
Also named « La Grotte aux Fées », it is in one of the largest rooms of the cave ( depth : 50 meters, length : 120m, width : 50m)), that you will discover the spectacular concretion named after its shape : Madonna and Child.

Funiculaire grotte des demoiselles

A unique visit

Roam the cave and its rooms thanks to the first underground touristic funicular in Europe and take part in a surnatural trip at the heart of Earth. The dynamic staging allows all the different rooms to be sublimed during the visit inside the Grotte des Demoiselles.
Real library of geological times, the cavity has always fascinated the inventors of modern speleology such as Edouard Alfred Martel, Robert de Joly or Norbert Casteret.

Famille grotte des demoiselles

Practical informations

The Grotte des Demoiselles is open 7 / 7 days.
Enjoy the unobstructed view from the welcoming pavilion and from the panoramic terrace, where you can also have something to eat and stop by at the gift shop.
You can find the opening hours and the prices here.
Telephone number : 04 67 73 70 02
Website :


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