Causse Larzac

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Causses and Cévennes are listed as a Mediterranean Agro-Pastoral Cultural Landscape in the UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity, in accordance with the convention concerning the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage. This registration in the living and evolving cultural landscapes category carries the international recognition of a territory shaped by a millenary agropastoralism.
This registration also gives it the universal and exceptional value of a natural cultural good, in order for it to be protected, which is to the advantage of humanity.


The agropastoralism of the Cévennes

The territory has a varied relief : from the piedmont plain of the Massif Central and of the valleys of the Cevennes, from the plateaus of the causses to the summits of the Mont Aigoual and of the Mont Lozère.
The mediterranean climate, with its dry summers and more or less cold winters, depending on the altitude, holds a preponderant role in the typically mediterranean agro-pastoral activities which are still done to thiq day of the Causses and Cévennes territories. This millenary practice is structured by different traditional agro-pastoral organisation types.


The 5 cities gate of the territory

The cities of Ganges (34), Alès (30), Mende (48), Millau (12) and Lodève (34) are places where informations, welcome, communication and promotion are relayed. They are considered to be relays of the Causses et Cévennes territory.
Scattered on 4 departments, those cities overflow with a rich natural and cultural heritage, which is linked to the agropastoralism of bygone days.
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